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Book Matters

Book Matters Here is my roundup of a couple of books that I’ve been reading, or finishing, lately. You’ll see what you think. Why Religion? A Personal Story by Elaine Pagels. She’s the author of The Gnostic Gospels. That book … Continue reading

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Wickedness and Suffering

Wickedness and Suffering Does that heading about cover it?  Eugene Ionesco, the brilliant Franco-Romanian playwright, wrote Tueur sans gages [Killer without wages], a play that opens with his characters marveling over the great neighborhood to which they feel fortunate to … Continue reading

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Read Any More Good Books?

  Read Any More Good Books? As we share the current holidays, in whatever way and spirit seems best, I’ll share some of my recent reading experiences with you. Victoria: The Queen by Julia Baird. Here is a royal gossip … Continue reading

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