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Sorry, my turkey and I are away. I wish you all A BLESSED THANKSGIVING!

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Tyler Wursta, Videographer and Video Editor

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“Two Views”

“Two Views” This is the aerial view of Narraguagus Bay and the same bay, painted as I saw it from the attic of our old barn. We are back there this week, visiting old friends in Washington County, Downeast Maine. … Continue reading

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The Family Laundry

A cousin just told me that the Israeli branch of the family is putting out a book that she has seen in advance of publication.  It’s about the immediate forebears of that branch, who are people of large consequence in … Continue reading

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“God and The Care for One’s Story”

This is the talk I gave for the Adult Education program at Temple Judea of Bucks County on April 14th.  The video was taken by Jerry, my husband, from his smartphone. It includes the Q and A, which shows a … Continue reading

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It’s Personal

It’s Personal Over the last few weeks, I’ve been confronting a shift of mood that’s quite rare for me.  The name of this mood is Despair. As a person who’s talked two women friends out of suicide – don’t worry, … Continue reading

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Looking Out for Number One

Looking Out for Number One Quoted in full, Rabbi Hillel’s famous saying goes like this: If I am not for myself, who will be? And if I am only for myself, what am I? And if not now, when? Though … Continue reading

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