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“Make It Fun”

Thank you, Judy, for going to New Guinea and bringing back this amazing story, for us to reflect on. A propos:  I once asked my mother why she thought men used to live so much longer and now they were … Continue reading

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James Baldwin wrote a novel, Giovanni’s Room, ostensibly about the coming out of a gay man and how he disappoints the woman in his life.  Baldwin said the book was really about “the crucial lack of sexual authority in the … Continue reading

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I see two ways to approach “need” and “fulfillment,” the political and the existential.  Re the political: the feminist movement fought to gain full human status for women.  The rationale for denying that status had been that femininity itself was … Continue reading

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About tragedy: I think of a Lakota woman I knew. She was descended from a nineteenth-century chief whose name is well known. When she stood or walked, she was straight as a birch tree — the kind of straight you … Continue reading

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“Positive Feelings”

About making others feel positive feelings, one has to watch that. One time a colleague urged me, “Smile, Abigail!” We were both in the green pea soup. We had both been fired. My answer? “The reason I have a natural … Continue reading

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